[hackerspaces] Fwd: Re: HOPE 2020 is live, and free for the next 9 days!

Cecilia Tanaka cecilia.tanaka at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 12:39:00 CEST 2020

My Dear David,

Please, calm your heart.  Keep rational and sane.  Hope you are feeling
better now, after sending your last message.

All the HOPE 2020 Staff are pretty busy now.  I know Mitch in person and,
believe me, in this moment, he is more worried about making HOPE being an
amazing experience to anyone than about verifying his email's inbox.

He is an awesome person and I do love him very, very much.  He teached me
how to solder correctly  (I was a disaster!),  how to meditate, how to talk
Spanish with a pretty sexy accent,  how to dye my hair  (blue and violet
now!),  and how to be a good hacker: - he is curious, pure at heart, loyal
to friends, always trying to share his knowledge sincerely...  <3

So, please, it was not a lack of respect.  It was certainly an usual lack
of time.

Darling, I am deeply sorry, but "FUCKIN LET ME TALK !" are not the magic
words for make part of HOPE 2020.  It was pretty impolite and unpleasant.
Respect other people, please.

You mentioned "suicide".  Pretty impressive, but it is _not_ a magic word
too, sorry.

Are you Brazilian, David?  Maybe your parents?  Well, I am Brazilian and
live in Sao Paulo.  You can talk to me in _private_ in _Portuguese_, but I
strongly recommend to search for _professional help_ as faster as possible,
please.  Believe me, suicide is not a good idea.

If you want to talk, simply talk.  Why talking specially now, in this
specific event, about your personal experiences only, will change the world?

Please, be well and take care of yourself with tenderness.  Keep calm, keep
healthy, keep sane.  <3

Sao Paulo - SP
Loving.  Caring.  Sharing.  Being Excellent To Each Other And To Our
Hackerspace.  <3
"Don't let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your
curiosity.  It's your place in the world; it's your life.  Go on and do all
you can with it, and make it the life you want to live."  -  Mae Jemison

On Wed, Jul 29, 2020, 06:05 David Venancio de Campos <
metabaron at massmulti.org> wrote:

> ( I'v found my error : I replied to Mitch instead of the list.
> Here it goes. (aggressive style on purpose, but I'm a quite guy "normally")
> Thanks for the answers from the list, Mitch didn't answer which, again,
> is for me a lack of respect but "quite understandable" of course.
> If you let me talk I won't disapoint anyone.
> -Meta
> ps: just edited to avoid top-posting, sry. )
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> Subject:        Re: [hackerspaces] HOPE 2020 is live, and free for the
> next 9
> days!
> Date:   Wed, 29 Jul 2020 01:27:56 +0100
> From:   David Venancio de Campos <metabaron at massmulti.org>
> Organization:   freelance
> To:     Mitch Altman <maltman23 at hotmail.com>
>  > On 25/07/2020 19:56, Mitch Altman wrote:
>  > After months of organizing and lots of work, HOPE 2020 -- the 13th
> Hackers On Planet Earth conference is started > today! 9 very full days
> of talks, workshops, and performances. All of the talks are
> live-streamed for free. Please enjoy! > ;)
>  > https://hope.net <https://hope.net/>
> ----------
> Are you even real ?
> Not following anyone on twitter is useless. You just miss half of
> functionnalities.
> Ok so it's super cool. xD
> I DREAM of this Pensilvania hotel sometimes.
> Why ?
> Because I'm poor and proud of it. Never went there to your famous "scene".
> But I'v been a 2600 real supporter since I bought it and read a lot, and
> re-read it.
> Let me be clear, you have a brother talking sincerly to you.
> So just to go fast,
> I'd like to organize a talk right now or within 72 hours,
> about my experiences at the TETALAB ("give me back my 2600s and my Atari
> !" would be the title).
> :o
> Hope you'r ready for critics.
> FYI : http://www.3DLibre.com
> Please oh please don't reply... >]
> -Meta-B aka Louis-David Ferreira de Campos VenĂ¢ncio.
> PS: after my experiences, I thought suicide would be the best way of
> relaxing.
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