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Mon Jan 14 01:11:47 CET 2019

Hello all,

Here's what I believe we have up to now - if you had already volunteered 
but are not on this list then please don't hesitate to correct me):

  * Country / area reviews signed up volunteers:
      o Dennis Fink / metalgamer - Luxembourg and it's greater region
      o Aljaž / g5pw - Italy
      o Aimee / aimeejulia - Germany + (all active - online sweep,
        checking for dead links and inactivity + contact only areas
        where not already covered by other volunteers)
      o Dave Borghuis - Netherlands and Dutch speaking part of Belgium
      o Maxigas / kiberpunk - Eastern Europe
      o Otter - Finland
      o Ramgarden - Florida

  * Pending queries:

      o for technical issues to get the pressure off admin is it
        possible to have these set up on github?
      o what would be the best way to signal dead web links? - Dave
        Borghuis can write a script but needs some help with semantic
        wiki - Aljaž offered to help - maybe you guys can communicate
        about this :-)

  * Contact email draft:

      o Aimee / aimeejulia to draft
      o Aljaž / g5pw - to translate in Italian & Slovenian
      o can be published on the wiki

  * Log in issues:
      o outstanding issues with cookies error
      o outstanding reset password php error


*    imp: **hold on from telling people to update listings until log in 
issues have been resolved*

  * Content review process for active listings
      o personal visit review
          + read listing content
          + are the links are active?
              # if yes great
              # if no flag to the hackerspace to update listing
          + contact to arrange visit (not required in all cases
            depending on the hackerspace)
          + encourage to update listing or update listing for the
      o online review
          + is the last updated date within a year?
              # if yes no review needed
              # if no - Is the website link active?
                  * if yes does the hackerspace still have current
                    online content ie a website, calendar of events with
                    recent current event info, blog posts and other
                    signs of life?
                      o if yes no further action needed
                      o if no contact the hackerspace to update listing
                  * if no does the listing have a contact email?
                      o if yes send and email to contact to update listing
                      o if no mark listing as inactive documenting
                        reasons for doing so

  *      Some preliminary results:
      o *Germany

          +      85 spaces listed as active of which
          +      53 last update within the last year - no action required
          +      22 have activity on their site - no action required
          +      9 status unclear need contacting, (on hold pending
            resolution to log in issues)
          +      1 duplicate entry need contacting (on hold pending
            resolution to log in issues)

I have deliberately left out the topic of categories in this email as 
the initial process weeds out the inactive listings out first. Once that 
has been done then the volunteers who visit the hackerspaces can either 
make suggestions to the people responsible to update these along with 
other information or volunteer to do it for them.

Want to volunteer? Great! include yourself here: 

This discussion started at 35c3 you can read the minutes 

Much love

Aimee xx

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