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maxigas maxigas at anargeek.net
Thu Jan 3 19:32:50 CET 2019

On Wed, Jan 02 2019, Aljaž Srebrnič wrote:

>> Hi Aimee,
>> I was at the 35c3 meeting where we discussed the need for a content review:
>> Hi I was there to, I was the person with the LED hat ;-) 
>> 2. long term solution - find good long term solutions for keeping the 
>> data current and up to date
>> Maybe implement a kind of refresh option, if its abandoned for more
>> then x time automagic set it to 'inactive'
>> 1st stage - help needed with:
>> b. automatically identifying and flagging dead links on active profiles 
>> and marking them as dead links on profiles
>> I can program in php/python but are not an expert in (Semantic) wiki,
>> some help here would be appreciated.
> I could ”probably” take care of that, but I’m far from an expert.
>> c. visit hackerspaces in your area and updating their profile or asking 
>> them to update their profile accordingly - think of this a human 
>> verification to make sure they are still active and run by people (as 
>> opposed to corporate bots)
>> I can do this for Netherlands and dutch speaking part of
>> Belgium. Other places if I can manage contact them by internet.  I
>> notice for the Dutch hackerspace there are 27 listed, but 13 are
>> 'real' hacerspaces. The remaining are FabLabs, (commercial)
>> makerspaces or just group of friends. Is there a easy way to
>> difference between these groups? There is a [[Category:FabLab]] but
>> as far i can see you cant edit this with the form (and not every
>> fablab use this)
> I’d really not want to start a discussion here what’s a hackerspace
> and what’s not, let’s just get the open/closed status updated, we can
> focus on the discussion on what constitutes a hackerspace later 😊
> Maybe if a space self-identifies as a FabLab in his homepage, we could
> add it in the FabLab category, so we can decide what to to with them
> later on.

I agree with that approach.  Even more so, can we add a category to tag
accelerators/innovationhubs/techshops, etc.?  Maybe "Other"?

ps: having written/organised quite some research over different
categories of Shared Machine Shops, i am happy to look into the
categorisation problem later on.

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