[hackerspaces] Thanks :)

Thiago zeh at posteo.de
Mon May 28 23:56:57 CEST 2018

I want to thanks everyone to give this warm welcome answering my 

I'm sorry but I made 2 mistakes answering this messages. Well, not 
counting the grammas mistakes I made /o\

My goals was to answer all the emails using the list so everyone would 
have a chance to read everything but the messages I sent to Vensa and 
Sector67 Team I sent it directly to their e-mails by mistake.

Anyway...thanks for everyone and I'll try to create a blog to keep 
people updated about the experiences I'll have with hackerspaces :).

Btw! If you have more to say and you have more tips or anything 
else...it will be nice to read :)


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