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Kind of missing the point, but with a screed like that it's to be expected.

You know, I never realized how silly it was to refer to someone from a given country by a generalized ideal until I was in a transportation museum in Switzerland. There was a placard below a model of a Sputnik satellite referring to John Glenn as a "capitalist" and Yuri Gagarin as a "communist". They were austronauts risking their lives exploring space, but on paper they were nothing more than an ideal. Makes no sense what-so-ever. They were two dudes doing the same thing and working hard to succeed.


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"First and foremost, some bitches need to get over the fact that
hackerspaces attract mostly male/white/IT careered/capitalist types."
"Anyway, we spent our youths avoiding being picked on and beat up as
much as possible. We are geeks and outcasts by virtue of the fact that
society rejected us at a young age."

Even though you and your colleagues in USA space X might truly be
"capitalist types" who used to get bullied as kids, and now want to
(not unlike "The Mentor") extend this resentimentality as the defining
attribute of the hackerspaces movement -- yeah, I'll pass.

I'd warrant that the CCC, biggest and eldest hackerspace scene
umbrella, did not spring from bullied capitalist geeks. So didn't the
European "hacklabs" of early 90s. The idea has been to explore the
technology for activist goals.


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