[hackerspaces] Hackerspace and hackerspace

Sébastien Gendre seb at k-7.ch
Sat Mar 10 16:25:13 CET 2018

Matt Joyce <matt at nycresistor.com> writes:
> Not to espouse some sort of support of social darwinianism, that would
> be off base and somewhat ridiculous in this context, but in a way the
> future of the hackerspace movement will not be defined in this
> discussion or on this list. It will be defined by the spaces that
> survive and flourish, if they survive at all. And, so as time marches
> on the relentless shifting sands of time will change what hackerspaces
> are from region to region, and generation to generation as well. And
> that's a necessary state change to accept and plan for accordingly.

But as the hacker ethic and the values are in minority in our society, place
that call themselves Hackerspace without following them have more
chances to find members.

So the risk is that the hacker ethic and the values of the movement
disappears in hackerspaces.

Sébastien G.
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