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Sébastien Gendre seb at k-7.ch
Sat Mar 10 16:09:13 CET 2018

Thanks for your answer Nate.

Nate B <myself at telcodata.us> writes:
> This is a can of worms, but sure, I'll jump in:
> I use both "hackerspace" and "makerspace", but I think they're almost
> orthogonal.
> I think "hackerspace" refers to philosophy and management style. If a
> place is run by the people who use it rather than a top-down
> authority, and generally endorses the hacker ethic as described by the
> CCC, it's a hackerspace. This has nothing to do with the presence or
> absence of specific tools, though many hackerspaces accumulate
> significant tools in pursuit of that hands-on imperative.

I think the same things. Philosophy and management style, run by the
people and generally endorses the hacker ethic is also what define, for
me, a hackerspace.

Nate B <myself at telcodata.us> writes:
> So, specifically to your question Sébastien, I think the words
> "community driven" are the salient part. There are lots of other
> places where people can come to build stuff, but if such a place is
> community driven, then it's probably a hackerspace. That's how I use
> the terms, anyway.

But what append when you are member of a hackerspace but not considered
as a full part of his community because you follow the hacker ethic, you
are not part of his authority circle?

And what to think about this kind of place when their membres have
different right to access the place based on their fortune or poverty?

Sébastien G.
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