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(deadline is quite soon, please be quick!)

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Subject: 	[ncc-announce] [news] RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund - Call
for applications is now open!
Date: 	Sun, 22 Oct 2017 18:32:00 +0400
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For more than 25 years, the RIPE NCC has been supporting activities and
projects for the “Good of the Internet”. Community-driven,
non-commercial work has been fundamental to the success of the Internet
from its earliest days, and continues to play an important role in
making the Internet resilient, secure and accessible for everyone.

Under the RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund, the RIPE NCC will provide up
to EUR 250,000 per year to support projects of value to the operation
and resilience of the Internet, with a focus on tools and services
benefitting the technical community in the Europe, the Middle East and
Central Asia. 

Apply now to get your project funded!

If you or your organisation is working on a new or existing project that
fits the criteria below, and need some financial support to get it off
the ground or keep it going, we want to hear from you!

Is your project of benefit to the Internet, particularly the RIPE community?
Is your project non-commercial in nature? 
Do you have a clear project plan and timeline? 

A couple of things to keep in mind:

Funding may be used to purchase equipment, but this cannot be the sole
Funding cannot be used for humanitarian aid, donations, or to encourage
political reform
Funding cannot be used to provide scholarships or cover tuition fees
Funding cannot be used to support any form of commercial activity 
See the RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund website for more details! 


Kind Regards

Alastair Strachan 
RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund Coordinator 


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