[hackerspaces] remote membership

webmind webmind at puscii.nl
Wed Jul 26 10:22:22 CEST 2017

Technologia Incognita accepts members independent of their location, but
you have at least organise with a board member to get your form filled
in. We do not check where you live or stay, all members can get keys.
Outside of that, we accept donations for those wanting to support us.

LAG does not do members, but key distribution happens on a trust basis.
you're kinda expected to at least come to one or two meetings before
getting a key to show involvement.

On 23/07/17 20:36, Pavel Ruzicka wrote:
> Hello.
> Does any hackerspace accept something like remote membership?
> In our hackespace we have a rule that anybody who wants to become a full
> member (with all the rights like free access to a hackerspace) has to
> visit us personally few times to check compatibility between existing
> member community a and an applicant. If everything goes OK an applicant
> is accepted.
> We are receiving membership requests from people all over the globe we
> have never seen and probably will never see.
> How do you handle such request? Do you have any special type of
> membership for them?
> ruza

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