[hackerspaces] What do you expect from a HS.o assembly at this year's Chaos Communication Congress?

Lasse Pommerenke housetier at nrrd.de
Fri Jul 21 17:22:12 CEST 2017

Hello my fellow Hackerspacers,

in the irc channel [0] we just talked about organizing a
hackerspaces.org meetup at the upcoming cccongress.

I am very much in favor of doing such a thing. 

Before I commit to organize this, however, I want to know

  - will you stop by
  - will you help (how much)
  - what do you expect this meetup to do:
     - do you want games, free food, cozy sofas, massage seats,
     priviledged wifi
  - will you have something to show/display (so we might need a canvas
  and projector)
  - or do you just want to meet and see how things develop

It is fine if you can't be bothered :-)

What's your take on this?

[0] #hackerspaces on chat.freenode.net (please use ssl, out of

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