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Tue Jul 11 18:33:07 CEST 2017

/"//I am crying unicorn tears, snif snif!  :'("/

If you would actually _mean_ what you are saying[@want to protect 
activists..], you
would not reply like this. I would not be able to sleep well if I had 
only a hint that
some of my actions could have caused harm to others. I had several 
conversations with
doctors regarding vaccines(some of them very well educated) who spent 
thousand of hours
in self-study jut to get rid of that uncertainty that a huge part of 
their profession

You are either insincere or really think the world is a fairyland.
Share with the "world", not with the enemy

How can you protect anyone while working for the same tumor you are 
trying to protect
people from.

Kisses and misdirections to you as well


On 07/11/2017 06:15 PM, Cecilia Tanaka wrote:
> On Jul 11, 2017 12:30 PM, "idnc_sk" <idnc_sk at vpslab.org 
> <mailto:idnc_sk at vpslab.org>> wrote:
>     How many activists/reporters/
>     whistle-blowers died because of people like you?
> Oh, I am crying unicorn tears, snif snif!  :'(
> People like me want to protect activists, journalists, whistleblowers, 
> and also common tech users, people without any technical knowledge.
> I am just a poor lawyer  (I am honest, so I am really a very poor 
> lawyer, haha!)  trying to make something good, instead of only 
> complaining about how the world stinks and the people are evil and 
> selfish.  :P
> OK, life sucks a lot, but in some moments, it sucks very well and you 
> will have orgasms and good ideas and projects to share with the world!  :D
> Being sincere, I am not a good maker and I am even worse as hacker.  
> Sorry, I am a horrible coder...  :P
> An example:  - A few days ago, a friend of mine sent me an archive 
> named "Mastering Julia" and I thought "Oh, shit, BDSM p0rn!".  Shame 
> on me, I didn't know Julia was a cute programming language.  :P  :P  :P
> Well, I think you understood my point of view. You do _not_ need to 
> give support to _all_ the projects and institutions, only to the ones 
> you like, you learn to love. You can make constructive critics and 
> show fails.  Criticizing is very important too.  But remember:  keep 
> calm and be excellent to each other, hahaha!!  ;D
> Kisses and chocolate!  <3
> Ceci, la la la...  <3
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