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Cecilia Tanaka cecilia.tanaka at gmail.com
Tue Jul 11 15:38:01 CEST 2017

Hi Hi, dear all !  Hope everybody is doing great and feeling fabulous,
woohoo!!!  :D

There are lots of still unknown great projects and ideas in this world, my
dear hackers.  So I inviting you all to share your projects on the
Liberation Tech discussion list.  :)

For 9 years, until the end of last March, Liberation Tech was a project of
Stanford University.  Now we are restructuring it to make it independent.
Wait for good news, people!  ;)

It will be great to see interaction among good people with the same
interests:  building a better future for all, a fairer and more peaceful
world, protecting the human rights against the oppression of governments
and companies.  <3

Take care and have a great day, with much music and love, dear all !  <3

@cecitanaka & the lovely Liberation Tech Team  <3

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Oh, the project doesn't need to be written in English only, but please
remember that a little review in English can be very, very useful.

Sorry everybody for the bad format of the original message.  It's ugly, meh
again!  :((

On Jul 11, 2017 8:57 AM, "Cecilia Tanaka" <cecilia.tanaka at gmail.com> wrote:

It's one of the projects by Brian Dickens (@hostilefork) and I thought it
would be interesting to share it with LibTech community.

A little excerpt of it:
"Blackhighlighter combines novel editing with in-browser cryptography to
facilitate new ways of communicating. It was initially designed for a
Sunlight Foundation contest to improve transparency in correspondence with
elected officials.
However, it was later evolved to a widget that helps hybridize redaction
with accountability in many possible scenarios. It has applications to open
government, but also generally raising the bar for fairness in
Important PS:  - I was thinking about posting on Liberation Tech's twitter
account all the new projects presented on this public list, since they are
related to technology and society  (human rights, surveillance, privacy,
freedom of the press and expression, etc).
Sorry, we will *not* make "free merchandising" to companies and, please, no
huge ego trips.  We just want to share new ideas with the world and hack
it, make it much better.  :D
You can mention projects and institutions you really appreciate, your own
projects, interesting posts, news, essays, books, ideas, etc.  Just
remember you and your project (or other thing)  can be criticized, receive
some suggestions or  - who knows? -  good help to become even better,
yayyy!!!  :D
There are hundreds of intelligent and very interesting people on this
list.  Some projects can be discussed here and receive technical
corrections and/or suggestions, support, partnership...  So many lovely
possibilities!  <3
Oh, and if possible, share your favorite project with us mentioning your @
on Twitter, please!  :)
Thank you a lot, dear all!  Much love for you and my best wishes!  <3
PS's PS:  -  I survived to hospital, but not my notebook.  You know, lots
of virus there, hahaha!!  ;D
Well, try to ignore the crazy auto-corrections of this bizarre new
cellphone, please.  I bought a "dumbphone" instead of a "smartphone", meh!
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