[hackerspaces] Jul 13-16 -- Stadtflucht 10 -- countryside camping near Vienna, Austria

Peter Kuhm peter at null.priv.at
Sat Jul 8 00:38:04 CEST 2017


while some of us are currently enjoying https://camp.hsbp.org/2017/pp7e1/
on upcoming Thursday we closely foolow up with the annual Stadtflucht to
Lindabrunn, 42km away from the Metalab.

if you happen to be near Vienna next week you may consider to join in.

--> https://metalab.at/wiki/Stadtflucht10

| Electro activists spending their summer holiday camping on a particularly
| nice hillside meadow, close to a stone quarry, with a big hut with
| sanitary facilities, a kitchen and other infrastructure - provided by
| our friends from the art frontier, VSL

Join us from Viennese Metalab and Hungarian H.A.C.K. It's always fun!

There will be more participants from several other spaces. You're welcome
too, just drop by. There are enough tents available one can borrow.

Some impressions: http://stadtflucht.soup.io/

Hack on,

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