[hackerspaces] Matrx group chat channels

Big Smile big.smile at openmailbox.org
Sat Jul 8 21:58:44 CEST 2017

Le samedi 08 juillet 2017 à 20:37 +0200, Walter van Holst a écrit :
> Because XMPP is broken beyond repair. With stupid things like the
> server 
> telling you that there has been a message for a different session,
> but 
> not giving you that message, sending it to that other session (which
> may 
> not exist at all anymore). Nobody ever thought about having multiple 
> devices around apparently. 

The ressources and priorities system is an hold mechanism, for an old
time. It has his time but work without the problem you described.

Now we have MAM.

> Or devices coming back from hibernation. It is a horrible UX.

You need to set clients priorities to correspond to your need.

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