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Willow Brugh willow.bl00 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 22:56:58 CEST 2017

Hey all. Long time no post. Hope everyone is well. I've been deep in the
humanitarian/disaster technology mines. Finally, an overlap between the
work I've been up to, and my heydays with y'all has come to pass. A group
called Communitere [communitere.org], which I really like (more
community-based hackerspace than dropped-in fablab) is setting up a space
in Greece. I come to you with a request for help in setting up access which
also tracks metrics associated with humanitarian work.

Our desired flow for gathering those metrics are based on what sorts of
actions we can take after the data is gathered, how much information can be
asked for in one setting without being burdensome, and how to increase the
autonomy of the individuals and organizations answering the questions (we
expect to be working with refugees and politically active Greeks).

We anticipate the flow to be this:
* First visit generates a unique identifier (required, can be pseudonymous)
and a way to get the person updates (opt-in but encouraged).
* Nth visit requests demographic information and thoughts on how they would
change the space (both opt-in, with indicators of why it’s important for us
to know and how the information will be used).
* N+X visit has more of a survey on how they use the space, if their
capacity has changed over time, etc (same as above).

We think we’re basically looking for a clock-/check-in tool which
auto-loads questions after a predetermined number of someone entering the
space. We’re working in a resource-limited (but not -low) environment (we
anticipate intermittent power and internet). Our field team is also not
super technically savvy - asking someone to “spin up a local instance” is
unlikely to work, although we could possibly throw some dollars at an open
source project being supported or adapted to these needs.

We can see implementation happening a few different ways:
* Bar/QR codes on laminated cards or stored locally to a smartphone,
scanned on an iPad or Android tablet at a front desk kiosk.
* A security person at the front desk to inputs the person’s UID to a
laptop or desktop computer.
* An RFID reader which auto-sends a form to people via their preferred
method of contact after a certain number of checkins, gives a different
tone while the questionnaire needs to be filled out.
* Et cetera.

If you know of anything which meets (or could meet within 2 weeks) these
needs, please do let me know! We’re also looking at tool library software
to link to this.

And of course, there are other spaces in Greece. We'd love to support what
is already happening - be in touch!


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