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Ooh. I'm just implementing RFID access to our laser cuttter and integration
into our door access system right now. I'd love to see a description of
your system and some of the rules handling and logic involved. The problems
you've already solved are identical to my goals. I'm sure our hardware and
software implementation would differ, but that's just code...


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> On Sun, Nov 1, 2015 at 10:48 AM, Bob Baddeley <hackerspace-discuss@
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>> Then it gets cool. We built another plugin on top of all these that
>> manages 'machines' in the space and their usage. We have RFID keys for door
>> access, and Raspberry Pi's at the doors. When an RFID is swiped, the pi
>> makes a web service request to our plugin to check the membership and
>> permission level of that user and allows them access. We have some caching
>> in place in case the web goes down, but essentially we have a web interface
>> that controls who has access to what physical things. We've also tied this
>> system in to our laser cutter, where we not only enable/disable the laser
>> based on whether the person has been trained, but we track the length of
>> the job and charge against their account funds for how many seconds of
>> laser time (since the laser tube is a consumable). We have a scale next to
>> our 3D printer area with a pi that lets you pay for plastic parts using
>> account funds as well.
> This is really interesting and I would like more details!
> At PS1 we have a similar door control system that makes service requests
> to our member site. We use it to manage member information rather than a
> wiki plugin.
> I would like to know how you have tied your system in to the laser cutter
> and other tools.
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