[hackerspaces] Online Workshop / Course material sharing Platform wanted

overflo flo at tekstix.com
Wed Oct 5 13:49:30 CEST 2016


Yesterday we had an awesome micropython on ESP8266 Workshop at the
metalab hackspace in vienna.

Anlumo prepared slides and i helped out a little with troubleshooting
whenever a participant run into some problem.
That setup worked very well for our ~30 participants.

During the workshop i was asked the same questions from different people
and had to solve the same problem twice (an el-cheapo broken usb cable,
drivers, python syntax woes).

After the workshop i spent some time thinking about the setup and how we
can improve the workshop setup for further workshops.

I'd like to have the workshop material online.
Something like instructables, with pictures and step-by-step guides.
Usually you have a projector displaying the current step and how far the
workshop already progressed yet.
so when people come by late they can still join in in.

optimally it would diplay some QR code so participants can just point
their mobile phone/tablet there and get the instructions right away.

We should collect all questions and Problems during the workshop and
save them in a structured way to assemble a FAQ and get Annotations to
each slide for "common problems" and such.

Ideally this workshop platform would have something like a git backend
that supports branches and merges.
so that new steps, pictures and other course material can be merged and
people holding workshops can reuse the same material in other *spaces
worldwide and improve the quality of the material.

The whole thing should be as decetral as possible so that the course
material is not lost or in the hands of some corporation running a service.
(These things tend to get commerical all the time, and once they become
commercial you can either view ads or the comany is bought by some
bigger fish and it turns into a paywall service. :( )

So what i am looking for is something like
Instructables with a github backend that provides wikipedia
functionality or piratepad features for collaborative editing.

If this was web 3.11 bullshit bingo this sentence would crack the
jackpot  :)
But I guess you get the idea.

I bet i am not the first person on the planet to come up with this idea,
so who made it, what is it called and can you recommend it?

Thank you very much for your time and feedback!


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