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Thu Jul 21 12:24:28 CEST 2016

On 20/07/16 17:48, Chad Elish wrote:
> Here’s a question for everyone,
> What do you normally charge for your classes?
> I know its a big cash cow for spaces to make up income.

Hmm, not here. I think most Dutch spaces mostly run on membership-income.

Both spaces in Amsterdam do not have a set price, LAG generally asks
donation Technologia Incognita mostly the same or people ask cost-price.
IJHack (a "space" without a space) has been doing workshops to generate
some income, I think they did twice the cost price to have a buffer of
components or be able to share kits.

> We’re currently at $40.00 for a learn to solder class which you take
> home an arduino you soldered together. We recently noticed tech shop
> charging $99 for soldering a blinking badge together.

Do a lot of spaces elsewhere use workshops/services as a way of
providing basic-income for the space? Do spaces have other models
outside of services or membership to generate base-income?

At LAG we're currently looking at alternative ways of generating income
for the rent/etc.



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