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Bill Shaw bill at funwithbots.com
Wed Jul 20 18:46:52 CEST 2016

At Tampa Hackerspace, we generally charge $5 for members and $15 for
non-members for skills classes. Any materials costs would be added to the

For safety and usage classes, members are free and we charge $30 for guests
which includes a pass to come back by appointment and use the tools they
learned. The woodshop and machining classes are not open to non-members. We
felt there wasn't any accountability if a non-member wrecked a machine
while visiting as a guest.

Members currently pay a one-time $60 machine shop fee for access to those
classes. We did that to cover consumables and tooling. Where did this
number come from? Admittedly, it's PFA (plucked from air). We decided after
six months or so to review it and see if needs adjusting up or down.

Workshops, game nights, open makes, and such are free to everyone.

Bill Shaw
Tampa Hackerspace

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> Here’s a question for everyone,
> What do you normally charge for your classes?
> I know its a big cash cow for spaces to make up income.
> We’re currently at $40.00 for a learn to solder class which you take home
> an arduino you soldered together. We recently noticed tech shop charging
> $99 for soldering a blinking badge together.
> Cheers!
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