[hackerspaces] Hackers in Residence, Exchanges Merge

Bastiaan van den Berg buzz at nurdspace.nl
Fri Jan 8 20:24:12 CET 2016

it does sound pretty foreign in the ideas of most european hackerspaces,
not really affiliated with the art world

but for instance 'worm' in rotterdam has residency, and labels themselves
(on some places) as hackerspace. for them, this means having a artist
travel from their housing&studio to your housing&studio and work on a
project either 'worm' picked earlier or you will determine within scope
during the residency , as it does for most in the art space

i can see something like that working well for self-housed 'hackerbases'
which i believe hackerspaces will evolve into unavoidably ;)

for instance, you could invite someone you know that has a certain
skillset, to get a project you are working on finished faster, and fund the
hackerspace for the made investments in that person, with profits from the
project (in a typical nonprofit setup)

whereas exchange is just more about giving your neighbours access to your
shed for working on their bike, sorta
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