[hackerspaces] member management software

Danilo mail at dbrgn.ch
Wed Jan 6 16:37:05 CET 2016

We use a custom Django app: https://github.com/coredump-ch/interna/ The member models can be found here: https://github.com/coredump-ch/interna/blob/master/interna/memberdb/models.py We then use Django Admin to change the data. And there's a view in the frontend that filters out the currently active and former members. (Sorry for the very sparse and often German documentation... It wasn't meant as a project that can be used by the general public.)

Both the model and the entire app aren't really ideal though. I'd be
interested in a Django REST Framework based solution. It would need to
be quite flexible though, to accomodate different membership models,
different ways of invoicing, etc.

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