[hackerspaces] RFC: ROBÖXOTICA Starterkit

overflo flo at tekstix.com
Fri Dec 9 22:44:09 CET 2016

hi there!

you know roböxotica [0] right?
the worlds leading cocktail robotics festival that happens every year in
it's GREAT.
if you have the time, come by it is happening RIGHT NOW [1] till sunday.


yesterday we had an outstandig night there and the idea for an open
source cocktail robot platform was born.
something that i can give to a noob and that basically just works, but
is 100% hackable and well documented

the idea is that you have a cheap starterkit with an arduino compatible
microcontroller board, some peristaltic pumps, various inputs and
outputs, a relay board and whatever else can be included on the cheap.
think: leds, buttons, buzzer..

my ideas for the board so far are:
- it should have multiple digital input pins
- it should have some analog inputs
- a WS2812 header for the blinkies
- a switch/jumper to ENABLE the board (think of coin operated device)
- a switch to trigger the actual cocktail making routine
- i2C and SPI on dedicated headers
- a functioning arduino library for the board with examples for each

what do you think should be included?
what functionality is needed in many designs and cheap enough for a <30
USD starterkit ?

thanks for your ideas!


[0] http://www.roboexotica.org/
[1] http://www.roboexotica.org/?schedule

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