[hackerspaces] Minor usage and student memberships

Ben Brown ben at generik.ca
Thu Apr 28 00:00:16 CEST 2016

At Kwartzlab (Ontario) the minimum age for membership was lowered to 16
a couple years ago when we had a couple teens show interest and join up.
We figured if a high school is going to allow a minor to use power tools
in a machine shop, then we can probably make it work also.

Younger kids are allowed in the lab with parental supervision provided
the parent displays common sense. They can't become members though.

Our insurance said age didn't really matter as far as they're concerned
-- our liability doesn't change no matter if it's an adult or minor who
hurts themselves due to something we're negligent for.


On 2016-04-27 16:24, Bob Bownes wrote:
> Just conducting an informal poll
> What are various people's policies on space use by minors? Use when
> supervised by an adult, use when supervised by an adult member, no use
> at all, etc?
> Followon, do you offer student discount memberships, and if so, are
> they available to minors? E.G. can a 14 year old get a student
> membership and be supervised by a non member parent? Or do you
> restrict student memberships to college/university students?
> Last, do you offer an 'educational' membership rather than a student
> which is extended to students and qualified educators (teachers &
> professors)?
> Thanks!
> Bob
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