[hackerspaces] Minor usage and student memberships

Dennis Fink metalgamer at c3l.lu
Wed Apr 27 23:49:40 CEST 2016

On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 04:24:37PM -0400, Bob Bownes wrote:
> Just conducting an informal poll
> What are various people's policies on space use by minors? Use when
> supervised by an adult, use when supervised by an adult member, no use at
> all, etc?

Generally, we allow minors in our space, but we need the parents
approval. But also we say to parents, that we don't take any
responsibilty if the minor hurts himself. (After we explained the
possible dangers). We didn't have many minors. Also the parents were
present all the time.

> Followon, do you offer student discount memberships, and if so, are they
> available to minors? E.G. can a 14 year old get a student membership and be
> supervised by a non member parent? Or do you restrict student memberships
> to college/university students?

The "Chaos Computer Club Lëtzebuerg A.S.B.L.", which provides the
ChaosStuff hackerspace, has actually 3 different membership plans.

First of all, the standard membership for people who have a regular
income, which is fixed at 50€ per year.

Secondly, we have a student membership for pupils & students for

And lastly we have a "starving hacker" clause, for which a person can
apply, if he can't afford the membership, but this needs to be approved
by the administrative council.

Dennis Fink

> Last, do you offer an 'educational' membership rather than a student which
> is extended to students and qualified educators (teachers & professors)?
> Thanks!
> Bob

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