[hackerspaces] A CRM for Hackerspaces?

Altin Ukshini altin.ukshini at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 13:37:49 CEST 2016

Hi Everyone,

I've started working on a class assignment where for the following couple
of months I'll be developing a CRM for managing Hackerspaces - that's what
I chose to do to complete that assignment.

My friends and I run Prishtina Hackerspace (a hackerspace in Kosovo), and
since the beginning of it we always struggled finding the best solution to
manage members, payments, keys, etc. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel,
we tried many different software but I think we need a better solutions for
this. I think that many hackerspaces face the same problem when dealing
with 30+ members. I know we all have different structures, but we could
maybe boil down to something common and useful for all of us.

In order for this CRM to be better than the existing solutions, I need your
help to let me know what do you struggle with, and what would you need to
have in such application?

So far this is what I came up with (call them modules or simply
- Membership
-- Members
-- Membership Plans
-- Mentors

- Reports
-- Membership reports
-- Expenses reports
-- Space Frequentation (part of door access control and checkin system)

- Finances
-- Transactions (income and expenses)
-- Billing (charge members / run billing)
-- Online Payment (Pay membership dues with Stripe/Paypal)

- Access Control
-- Keys
-- RFID Cards
-- Alarm Pins
-- Door access Control and Checkin System (API for Raspberry pi/Arduino
based solution)

One of the most important features of this CRM will be localization,
themes, easily manageable settings, and of course modularity (so that
anyone could write their own modules for it),

Btw, I plan to use Laravel 5.2.

Let's hope this will be helpful for your hackerspaces, just as it'll be for
our needs at Prishtina Hackerspace.
I plan to maintain it for some couple of years maybe, and as well try to
document it well so that anyone can understand how it works (but first I'll
have to build it).

...afterall it's just my class assignment! :D

​Thanks in advance for your help!



*Altin Ukshini*
Prishtina Hackerspace
Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova (FLOSSK)

+386 (0) 49 199 992 | altinukshini.wordpress.com

PRNHS: info at prishtinahackerspace.org | www.prishtinahackerspace.org |
FLOSSK: info at flossk.org | www.flossk.org
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