[hackerspaces] HaxoGreen 28-31 July 2016 in Luxembourg

Thierry thierry at syn2cat.lu
Thu Apr 21 18:23:56 CEST 2016

Hi all,

Dear Spacekeepers, Makers, Shakers and Hackers

tl;dr: Are you interested in a going to a hacker camp in Luxembourg <http://openstreetmap.lu/> this summer ? (if yes: https://tickets.haxogreen.lu <https://tickets.haxogreen.lu/>)

Every two years syn2cat <https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/Syn2cat> organizes its very cozy HaxoGreen camp.

It is …
- a 4-day outdoor summer camp for around 120 hackers from all over Europe
- where a community of creators, innovators, engineers, programmers and artists gathers and meets for an informal information-exchange, for talks, workshops and live music, and above all, for fun.
- the summer-feeling of July, the adventure of outdoor camping, the smell of BBQ and the thrill of long nights.
- is a cozy campsite with lots of technology

On Saturday, July 30th we will have space for short presentations on subjects of interest to our community as described above. Duration from lighting (~5 min) to 1 hour.
Workshops can take place any day of the camp. We particularly encourage cooking workshops and can provide kitchen facilities. Workshops can be from 1 hour to days. (we are trying to make attendance either free, or really chap for these by using the sponsor’s fundings)

If you are interested in giving either a presentation or hosting a workshop, of any skill-level, please send a mail to hello at haxogreen.lu with some information about the activity and we could schedule it during the 2016 Edition of HaxoGreen.

This is also ideal to test any outdoor projects for your spaces.
Think of it like an ideal testing ground where a lot of people can provide feedback and being outside on a camping site with the possibility to easily fly things, makes it even better 😃

Looking forward to reading you soon.

Keep up the good work and the amazing projects you are already now working on.

@faq <https://twitter.com/@faq>

HaxoGreen 2016 — Nature Expansion Pack
28-31 July 2016, in Dudelange, Luxembourg
@HaxoGreen <https://twitter.com/HaxoGreen>

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