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matt matt at nycresistor.com
Tue Nov 17 21:15:45 CET 2015

As a design pattern this breaks from a community / mutual trust model and
enters the realm of a public / private access shared space model.  And that
makes my experience somewhat not relatable.  There are bigger issues at
play in that sort of model that I simply do not have much experience with
from the management side.  In a community trust model this isn't really an
issue at all, as you tend to know everyone and can spot the problem folks
fairly quickly.  =/

However, we discussed some of this on a recent thread at weaponized
social...  begins with this email:

It's an interesting discussion.  I think the consensus was that toxic
membership can only really be solved by excising toxic members.  How that's
done is not clear, and not simple.  Especially in a situation in which the
maintainers of the space are less involved in the curation of the community
and it's members.

I can tell you that I've seen systems used to register complaints be abused
in the past.  There are some strategies that might act as passive triggers
on such a person and in turn be used to alert the system to a potential
malicious string of 'reports'.  But, fundamentally, there is a problem with
second hand accusations.  All specific complaints should very definitely be
first hand and focus on what occurred, when, and who can corroborate the
events.  There's also preventative mechanisms that can be put in place to
prevent some areas of friction outright.  I discuss in the thread above the
idea of 'taboo' conversation topics.  Example:  NYC Resistor has a
 no-politics discussion taboo in place.  It's not something members should
bring up, as it's not really relevant to our goals as a community.  And it
keeps the space more accessible to more hackers from more walks of life.
That's of course a pretty specific thing, obviously some spaces have some
very politically oriented goals so they'd not want that.  But there are
many hot button issues out there, and my guess is plenty of those issues
can easily be kept outside the space while improving the overall
inclusivity of the space.

Anywho... it's an interesting discussion.

More signal less noise, but filters by their nature will cut signal.
Biased filters, sometimes do an amazing job keeping your signal clean, but
they bias the signal.  =/


On Tue, Nov 17, 2015 at 12:48 PM, Ron Bean <makerspace at rbean.users.panix.com
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> >Some case studies from over the years
> My gut reaction is that those people are unlikely to come back.
> It would be interesting to hear if any other hackerspaces have had that
> happen.
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