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On Sun, Nov 1, 2015 at 10:48 AM, Bob Baddeley <
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> Then it gets cool. We built another plugin on top of all these that
> manages 'machines' in the space and their usage. We have RFID keys for door
> access, and Raspberry Pi's at the doors. When an RFID is swiped, the pi
> makes a web service request to our plugin to check the membership and
> permission level of that user and allows them access. We have some caching
> in place in case the web goes down, but essentially we have a web interface
> that controls who has access to what physical things. We've also tied this
> system in to our laser cutter, where we not only enable/disable the laser
> based on whether the person has been trained, but we track the length of
> the job and charge against their account funds for how many seconds of
> laser time (since the laser tube is a consumable). We have a scale next to
> our 3D printer area with a pi that lets you pay for plastic parts using
> account funds as well.

This is really interesting and I would like more details!

At PS1 we have a similar door control system that makes service requests to
our member site. We use it to manage member information rather than a wiki

I would like to know how you have tied your system in to the laser cutter
and other tools.

shekay at pobox.com
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