[hackerspaces] WordPress websites - what features/plugins and configurations do your spaces use?

Russell Fair rfair404 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 13:52:14 CET 2015

I set up WordPress for two makerspaces here in Atlanta. Both
decaturmakers.org and geekspacegwinnett.org run a similar WordPress
installation. In fact all of the source, including WordPress, some plugins
that we use etc. is available on github at::
https://github.com/DecaturMakers/DecaturMakers.org You're welcome to take a
look at the plugins that we use. Note that not ALL of them are active.

On a high level here are the plugins that we couldn't go without:
GravityForms - for creating contact forms, surveys, etc. It is a premium
plugin, but worth every penny.
Restrict Content Pro - also a premium plugin that creates a membership
system that handles member's "accounts". It supports recurring payments
through Stripe. It has taken some work to get it set up for our membership
types, but worth it vs. using a third party tool.

We also are using a plugin called "amr events calendar or lists with ical
files" to keep our meetup and google calendars synced up.

We keep Akismet, Limit Login Attempts, Wordfence, WP Super Cache, Google
Analytics and WordPress SEO (by Yoast) active as well.

On the security note: there are some valid security concerns associated
with WordPress - but I would add that most of these concerns are not really
with the core WordPress software rather with something "else" including the
hosting environment, third party themes or plugins, or lack of good
security procedures in general.

Start by choosing a secure web hosting provider. I use LiquidWeb and have a
managed VPS (here is my referral link in case this thread wasn't being
trolled enough - http://www.liquidweb.com/?RID=rfair404 ) - I prefer it
over their shared hosting offerings but those aren't bad either. Unless you
have a qualified sysadmin willing to set up and secure your own server I
would NOT suggest you go with a non-managed VPS, though Digital Ocean has
an unbeatable price point.

Keep ALL of your site code under version control. In the event that your
site goes down, you will be sure that the site code is retrievable.

Keep an off-site backup. I use "backupwordpress" plugin to send a nightly
email backup of the database. Send it to an official within the
organization or better yet, set up a dedicated address just for these.

hope it helps! Feel free to contact me off list if you want additional

On Sun, Nov 1, 2015 at 5:43 AM, Bill Shaw <bill at funwithbots.com> wrote:

> We've found WordFence to be particularly helpful in keeping our site
> updated and secure.
> Regards,
> Bill Shaw
> Tampa Hackerspace
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>> Learning more WordPress, working on the Birmingham Red Mountain Makers
>> site to take our site up to the next level of usefulness.
>> What types of functionality have you all found most useful or fun within
>> wordpress websites?
>> If it’s useful for all, I’ll compile answers and stats.
>> — Shirley Hicks
>> Red Mountain Makers.
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