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> It’s a nice idea, but it’s the same here (not enough funds to afford a group training/learning package). We’ve always just done it one-off for specific projects like our machining class and such (smartflix.com).
> If we were to consider something like this I would want to make sure it’s going to get used,

My thought as well.

> as in having some workshops that center around using some of the materials and such. Otherwise I’d expect the majority of people would sit around thinking it would be nice to use it some day and before they knew it would have expired. At least, I know that’s how it would probably work for me unless there was a dedicated class that took advantage of the materials somehow.
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> -dosman


My question was sparked, in part, by needing to start sourcing reference docs for some development projects. I've purchased (real live!) dead tree texts (wearable sensor tech) as reference for classes/development workshops we're planning to run in the fall. I know that like equipment affordability, access to online tutorials and training materials is an issue for some of our members, that it's a scale issue (how many people need to be interested in a given topic area to get worthwhile discounts) and what can otherwise be obtained locally through university database access.

i'm wearing my business hat when I'm looking at this - what is the "value-add" for our membership community that would justify paying membership dues? (sourcing membership driven discounts is also part of that), and what numbers do we need to justify that? 

If I get to the point of quantifying numbers, I'll share. 

-- Shirley, RMM, Birmingham, AL
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