[hackerspaces] CfP: camp++ 9-12 July, 2015 Fort Monostor, Komárom, Hungary

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Please find the below the CfP for camp++:

Website: http://camp.hsbp.org/2015/pp7df/

Call for Papers

Dates and Deadlines

Submission deadline:	           2015-05-24 12:00:00+0200
Notification of acceptance:	   2015-05-31
Presentation Language:		   English
Submission system:		   Camp++ FRAB

 * breaking and building infrastructure
 * current techno-ethical issues

The "Hungarian Autonomous Center for Knowledge and friends" runs the camp with
the help of self-organized volunteer teams and on its own funds for the 3rd year
now. We are proud of this and we are looking forward to copy the inspiring
example of independent self-organizing as championed by the organizers of the
Chaos Communication Congress and Camps. We regard this event as one of the few
places where a global exchange using the creative-critical approach to
technology and society is possible without censorship.

We are not providing a stage to secret services or other state organisations.
However, based on our concept and on the fact that work is done on a voluntary
basis, a thorough advance screening of participants and speakers is not

It goes without saying that everyone attending the camp should be treated with
respect and consideration. A significant proportion of delegates and speakers
value their privacy, the integrity of their own data and their photographic
likenesses. Those who attach less importance to personal agency in these matters
are in a stronger position. We therefore ask them to respect the feelings and
wishes of others.

Submission Guidelines

For talks and workshops

Please send us a description of your suggested talk that is as complete as
possible. The description is of particularly importance to the selection, so
please ensure it is as clear as possible. Quality takes precedence over
quantity. Due to the non-commercial nature of the Camp, presentations which aim
to market or promote commercial products or entities will not be entertained.

As it is likely that that there will be multiple submissions about the same
topic, please show us exactly why your talk should be part of the camp. Please
write something about yourself, your environment and your motivation. It does
not matter if the talk has been held at another conference, All it has to be is
up to date.

Talks should be no longer than 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for question and
answers. Longer slots are possible in principle. There are 20-minute slots as
well. Please tell us the proposed length of your talk at the time of submission.

For projects, installations and other fun things

We have a lot of space and we are open for crazy and surprising stuff.

Audio and video recordings of the lectures will be published online in various
formats under the license CC Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 Hungary (CC BY SA 2.5
HU). This license allows commercial use of excerpts by media institutions as
part of their reporting. If you do not wish material of your lecture to be
published or streamed, please let us know in your submission. Travel, costs &

Camp++ is a non-commercial event, where neither the organisers nor the speakers
are being paid. Online submissions only

All submissions of lectures and workshops have to be submitted to our CfP system.

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