[hackerspaces] US spaces - who is your main contact when arranging non-profit waivers of taxes with suppliers?

Shirley Hicks shirley at velochicdesign.com
Fri Jan 9 17:25:17 CET 2015


A question for the US hacker and maker spaces.

Within your groups, which role/person have you been designating as the main contact person when arranging for non-profit waiver of taxes at different suppliers? We're starting to set up accounts/get the relevant store cards so that we can do bulk purchases for the running of the group at our local office supply, janitorial supply and safety suppliers and aren't sure if it should be the secretary or the treasurer. 

One day it will be the person supervising day-to-day operations at the space, but we've got a wee bit of growing to do first. :)

Shirley Hicks
Red Mountain Makers
Birmingham, AL

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