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hellekin hellekin at dyne.org
Thu Feb 26 19:11:12 CET 2015

On 02/26/15 13:15, peter wrote:
> They even started to bully Richard Stallman on the London Hackspace
> list. It's scary.
** Famous last words of Peter Meadows, who should know better:  Richard
Stallman is not on the London Hackspace list, which makes it impossible
for him to be bullied there.  Besides, RMS would never allow a peter to
send that many emails a day for saying nothing.  Instead he would gently
ask him to get to the point, and after a few failed attempts at
communicating, would probably send him to /dev/null.

Peter, as you're reading this, you earned (to my knowledge) the first
moderation bit on this list.  Next time you want to send an email, make
sure you have something constructive to tell, otherwise you will have
wasted your time.  Rejoice to the fact that it will only be your own
time, and not the time of the rest of the community.  You're welcome to
write a blog with all you think about my censoring skills, and I will
invite people over to have a robotic voice read it aloud while we enjoy
some popcorn.


P.S.: if you want to annoy me by posting a lot, you need to know two
rational facts.  First, I'm not going to read the moderation queue.
Second, the more messages you send, the more chances to delay the
approbation of an interesting contribution of yours.

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