[hackerspaces] Moderation of this list.

peter phm at riseup.net
Thu Feb 26 17:15:07 CET 2015

They even started to bully Richard Stallman on the London Hackspace 
list. It's scary.

On 26/02/15 15:51, Colin Keigher wrote:
> Peter,
> I can see why you've been made unwelcomed at the London hackerspace in 
> question: you have no clue that you're beating a dead horse here. 
> You'd think that after a thread with what seems like six dozen replies 
> and you repeating yourself that eventually you'd get worn out and give 
> up.
> If you're unwelcomed in a group, you're unwelcomed in a group. If you 
> cannot get over that then there isn't really anything that can be done 
> here. Go create your own hackerspace and stop whining to an Internet 
> group that has no concern over your problem.
> Here's your hackerspace problem in a nutshell:
> - It's your problem
> - It's not their problem
> - You're wrong
> - You cannot change their minds
> - You should give up
> - And you're being bloody annoying on this mailing list about it
> I hope that the above helps. You must be a hoot for your employer.
> Cheers,
> Colin
> On 15-02-26 07:25 AM, peter wrote:
>> It's a list for discussing hackerspaces. People were discussing 
>> hackerspace things, and then someone comes along and says 'no no, 
>> that's too much discussion. I'm going to stop you from discussing 
>> things now.'?
>> Why?
>> People got too many emails discussing hackerspaces so they decided to 
>> unsubscribe?
>> And this is a problem?
>> Maybe they just didn't want to discuss hackerspaces!?
>> Are we saying any post that people want to reply to is 'trolling'?
>> On a list about HACKERspaces. Are they in hackerspaces? are these 
>> people hackers?
>> And they don't know how to use lists? wow. You couldn't make this up.
>> Our friendly moderator hellekin writes:
>> "As much as I hate being the bad guy, a secret part of me likes to 
>> kill threads."
>> "You're turning your frustration into aggressiveness."
>> "Grow up and be excellent to each other."
>> hellekin to me on IRC:
>> "02:58 <hellekin> you're turning your brains into a shit salad.  Get 
>> a fucking life moron. "
>> "May I suggest you don't reply to this message, and instead go take a 
>> walk, and think
>> about how you could use your very short time on this planet to do
>> something more interesting than wasting bits?"
>> Isn't it funny how the people that are full of rage and anger are 
>> usually the first to say to people that have been nothing but clam 
>> and rational 'calm down, step away, compose yourself, take a walk'
>> Are people like hellekin really the kinds of people we want 
>> moderating and representing our community?
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