[hackerspaces] unfortunate way this list runs with no real subjects in the subject space

Rachel Uwa info at schoolofma.org
Thu Feb 26 17:54:59 CET 2015

hi all,

i guess i'm just thinking aloud here.
i think part of the annoying thing about what has just been going on
is that each "digest" just has a number at the top instead of a subject.
so you are kind of forced to click and see whats going on, otherwise ignore
it entirely.

i'm curious what the original intent of such a setup was
and if there is any way to revisit how it's currently done.
or am i the only one who would prefer to see real subject
lines used instead of Discuss Digest numbers?

i vote for real subject titles in the subject heading space!
anyone else agree?

thanks for your time:)


*School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe*
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