[hackerspaces] Leadership abusing powers. Bullying. Extraordinary General Meetings.

Mark Rosenblitt-Janssen dreamingforward at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 18:28:34 CET 2015

> But more importantly, it's all so unnecessary. Why were you still arguing
> about this in the first place, three emails later? It's such a pointless
> argument about a tiny objection that can't possibly have been something you
> cared that much about. If you had just said "sure fine whatever", the whole
> issue goes away.

The reason is this:  everyone has their own little point of power upon
which the rest their identity.  For some, it's religion, for others
it's evolution.  Women know it well, because men have been
establishing the points of "truth" within the otherwise boundlessness
of (pre)existence to rest their soul on or using their strength to
establish it by fiat since time immemorial.  You simply didn't notice
the issue, presumably because your point of power is shared by a
million people.  The issue of using the pronoun "it" appears to be
(one of) Peter's.

A better strategy for Peter though is neither silence, nor frivolous
rebellions to get power:  it's to prove himself more capable in the
arenas in which the hackerspace's mission believes.  This is good
advice generally, since the issue of power is ongoing.


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