[hackerspaces] Leadership abusing powers. Bullying. Extraordinary General Meetings.

peter phm at riseup.net
Sun Feb 22 03:06:11 CET 2015

On 21/02/15 01:22, Brendan Halliday wrote:
> Peter,
> The tone you took combined with your cherrypicked examples of your 
> interpretation of 'good' behaviour set several red flags.
> I've been helping out and organising at many community organisations 
> over the years and it's been a constant that the members that are the 
> most toxic and most dangerous to the community are the ones who:
> 1. Must always have the last word. Always.
> 2. Disagree with the stated (or sometimes poorly communicated) 
> expected conduct of the group
> 3. Generally agitate for their own goals (which usually do not match 
> up with the organisations') while attempting to remain buddies with 
> the rest of the membership.
> So I spent less than a minute reading your links and came across this:
> > /On Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 10:23:53 AM UTC, Peter Meadows wrote:/
> >
> >     /I don't have time to go around asking everyone which pronouns they
> >     prefer!
> >
> >     I think it's funny to call people 'it'. If it upsets them, it 
> can come
> >     and talk to me and I'll try to help it develop a sense of 
> humour. (and
> >     if it really can't do this, I'll stop calling it 'it' in public). /

What's wrong with this? I said that my first preference would be to try 
and explain the humour, and that it's not nasty. And if that could not 
be done, I would stop doing it.

> To me, the links you have provided have indicated that the LHS 
> executive have acted very clearly and with considerable cohesion on 
> this matter. It's also clear that they are familiar with the Geek 
> Social Fallacies and do not wish them to rule their space.
> From all indications you have provided, I can't see any actions as 
> bullying or seeming to be motivated by hidden reasons.
> If anything, you should move on and perhaps re-evaluate how you handle 
> social interactions - because if you're not the unconstructive member 
> that you're portraying, then you need to work on communicating it clearer.

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