[hackerspaces] Sex Offenders at a 'Space

Derek H dh405okc at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 08:48:23 CET 2015

I'm really happy for you and I. We're lucky, Matt. We aren't afflicted with
a mental illness that causes inappropriate sexual attraction to those who
are incapable of forming consent. That's fantastic for us, but I recognize
that some are not as lucky as I in that matter. Perhaps, Matt, the only
reason you haven't molested a child is because you're not mentally ill in
that particular way? None of us can know for certain how we would behave if
we were in someone else's shoes.

At any rate, my only point is that the guy may well have gotten his life
together and his mental state under control. As we are all just collections
of flaws in a roughly bipedal shape, maybe we can be human even to those
who have screwed up?

That said, if he's still a creeper, kick his ass out. Nobody has time for
that kind of disruption and risk.
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