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> Perhaps not, at least by legal requirement.  However, it's generally safe
> to say that most reasonable people do not want to be surrounded by thieves,
> violent people, or sex offenders.  Your opinion may differ, but part of the
> point of governance of a private organisation such as a hackerspace is to
> protect the membership that contributes to the well-being of the space, and
> does not pose a threat to its continued well-being.  The aforementioned
> categories of persons generally run contrary to that goal.
> Repeating words said earlier in this thread: hackerspaces aren't there for
> rehab purposes.

Reasonable people are already surrounded by all of the above.  I believe
most people are capable of being reformed.  Before I would make my vote, I
would want to know the circumstances of the crime, what he has done to
reform himself, and what restrictions is he willing to submit to (along w/
what restrictions the state has placed on him).

Ultimately this is something each hackerspace has to decide for themselves
based on a consensus of the membership.

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