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Daniel MLIS m at dan.net.in
Sat Dec 5 07:02:59 CET 2015

First I'm enjoying this civil discussion of ideas.  Would love for anyone
who has similar plans to add to the wiki, so we can refer to in in 18

When you don't have ready access to distribution warehouses and regular
mail service, people are more creative.   My best example is a client from
Cuba. Why the wiring of some projects made me cringe sometimes, others left
me in awe of what was able to be created from random parts. Example (

 I'll second partnering with a Human service agency to let them know, as
when my relatives moved over here from the "old country"  they had skill
sets from their villages to adapt in the USA with the new technology.  What
was done by hand could now be used.  Arclight has it right, and some
members might be interested in language exchange.

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