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Danilo mail at dbrgn.ch
Wed Dec 2 17:25:47 CET 2015

Am Mi, 2. Dez 2015, um 10:58, schrieb Danilo:
> Yeah, people form Syria are primitive people that dwell in caves and
> don't have any education whatsoever.
> https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/Syria
> Cheerio from the enlightened central Europe

Just so that nobody understands me wrong: Obviously my previous comment
was meant ironically.

Am Mi, 2. Dez 2015, um 11:00, schrieb matt:
> I grew up in a third world country =)
> Pretty sure I'm familiar with shitty tech bases.

So did I. Also, my roommate is a refugee from Syria. (A tailor though,
not a technical guy.)

I'm not sure if I understood your comment correctly, matt. But no matter
how educated a population is in general, or how much we hear from their
"tech scene", there are always some people that might be interested in

I grew up in a remote region in the Amazon of Peru. There were no
hackerspaces and I did not know what a hacker was back then.
Nevertheless, I knew some people that I'd consider hackers nowadays. If
they had to flee the country, they would probably be happy to join a
hackerspace if they had the possibility to do so.

I'm not sure what the situation is like in the US, but here in
Switzerland a lot of refugees are happy if they can do something,
anything. And if they can get to know local people at the same time,
then that's even better. For them and for their integration.

You will probably find a lot of refugees that don't know anything about
technology. But there might be some. And if hackerspaces work together
with the organizations that deal with the refugees, these organizations
might find people interested in tech among them and could connect them
with the hackerspaces. I think that's a great idea.

(Just keep in mind that these people probably need some "buddies" that
show them around and assist them during the following months or years.)

Besides that: What Sam said.

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