[hackerspaces] The Elusive RFID Equipment Interlock

Robert Davidson robert at dallasmakerspace.org
Mon Aug 24 22:14:06 CEST 2015

Has anyone pulled it off?

I am looking for examples of spaces that actively use a RFID lockout on

If you have solved the mythical RFID Interlock could you share:

User Operation?
Front/Back-end Software?
Front/Back-end Hardware?
Issues on acceptance?
Issues on reliability?
How do you add users?
Automatic removals?
Lessons Learned?

as well as does anyone know of any:

Commercial Solutions?
Open Source Solutions?

Specifically I am looking for something off the shelf that I can integrate
with 1000-10000 Members.

I would like to have at least 10 machines and capability of multi site up
to 100 or so devices.

Integration into LDAP or AD is a key requirement for us as we don't want a
standalone software that requires intervention if there membership lapses.


Robert Davidson
Dallas Makerspace
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