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Shirley Hicks shirley at velochicdesign.com
Mon Aug 24 20:43:25 CEST 2015

I would especially like to talk to someone who can lead an introductory wearable tech weekend workshop. We have a sewing lab and a circuit lab (with appropriate tools). This will be a paid session and we will provide airfare and accommodation for the right person. 

> On Aug 18, 2015, at 3:11 PM, Shirley Hicks <shirley at velochicdesign.com> wrote:
> Red Mountain Makers is organizing 2015/2016 classes and workshops in Birmingham, AL. This is will be our first series.
> We’re looking for instructors within a two hour driving distance to run our short courses (12 hour/4 class series) focused on specific topics, and out-of-town instructors to come in for weekend workshops. 
> We have a local mix of complete beginners who want to get started on tech projects, and more advanced enthusiasts, who’d like to get together to push the envelope. 
> If you are interested in giving a class on the following topics - or have some cool project-based sessions to create other things, we’d like to talk to you. 
> http://wiki.redmountainmakers.org/wiki/Class_and_workshop_proposals <http://wiki.redmountainmakers.org/wiki/Class_and_workshop_proposals>
> Fall 2015
> Introduction to Arduinos
> Project development using Arduinos
> Wearable circuits
> Sensors and clothing
> Environmental sensors
> Various Arduino projects
> Web development workshops
> Wiki workshop
> Introduction to Linux OS
> Project-focused Linux
> Youth robotics classes** (most requests - would really like an experienced lead for this)
> Introduction to computer hardware
> Making circuit boards
> Introduction to Circuit Design
> Python programming workshop
> Javascript workshops
> Intro to Wordpress (in conjunction with Wordpress BIrmingham)
> Intro to Drupal 
> Shop equipment & power tool training and certification.
> Silicon casting and molding.
> Introduction to 3D printing
> 3D modeling for 3D printing
> Introduction to ROS, the Robot Operating System (Facilitated group going through online tutorials)
> MIT App Inventor (Facilitated group going through online tutorials)
> Beyond Arduino: Clones and Alternatives (Other micro-controllers and how to choose based on application)
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