[hackerspaces] What should you sell or shouldn't you sell in a hackerspace?

Brian Rich stroboptics at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 00:13:14 CEST 2014

I think it's always OK to sell a Tee-shirt with the hacerspace's unique
design or logo. This becomes both a pride-wear item, and advertising for
your space.
Selling easily used-up materials (at cost) is also appropriate. Stuff Like
the filament for 3D printers.
On Oct 14, 2014 3:01 PM, "Florencia Edwards" <floev22 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello everyone, today we were discussing what you can sell and what you
> can't sell in a hackerspace. For example "how to make a hackerspace", is
> something i believe everyone should be able to access, because the design
> patterns are free and available for everyone since 2007: we want more
> hackerspaces around and if the knowledge was shared with us why not keep
> sharing it back. So what caught my attention is this "Makerspace operations
> bootcamp" to learn how to make a makerspace,, that artisan's asylum offers.
> Why is it so expensive? 2000 dollars for person... Maybe i'm being naive
> and it's good, so the makerspace can sustain itself? :
> http://maker-works.com/classes/makerspace-operations-bootcamp-2/
> Also checking their workshops i believe they are a little expensive, i
> always think that  for education. it's better that it has the lowest cost
> possible, because education is a right. But  again, maybe i'm wrong and if
> you can't charge workshops, how can a hackerspace sustain itself
> My real question is, what is ethical to sell in a hackerspace so it can
> sustain itself and what is not,  what should we give to the community for
> free because it helps people and it makes a better world.Also, I know that
> the fact that things have a cost, or the fact of winning money is not a bad
> thing in itself. We need it to live and paying somone for their job is also
> helping them.
> So where are the limits, how can you know what to sell, at what price, and
> what never to sell.
> - Florencia
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