[hackerspaces] What should you sell or shouldn't you sell in a hackerspace?

Florencia Edwards floev22 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 00:01:24 CEST 2014

Hello everyone, today we were discussing what you can sell and what you
can't sell in a hackerspace. For example "how to make a hackerspace", is
something i believe everyone should be able to access, because the design
patterns are free and available for everyone since 2007: we want more
hackerspaces around and if the knowledge was shared with us why not keep
sharing it back. So what caught my attention is this "Makerspace operations
bootcamp" to learn how to make a makerspace,, that artisan's asylum offers.
Why is it so expensive? 2000 dollars for person... Maybe i'm being naive
and it's good, so the makerspace can sustain itself? :

Also checking their workshops i believe they are a little expensive, i
always think that  for education. it's better that it has the lowest cost
possible, because education is a right. But  again, maybe i'm wrong and if
you can't charge workshops, how can a hackerspace sustain itself

My real question is, what is ethical to sell in a hackerspace so it can
sustain itself and what is not,  what should we give to the community for
free because it helps people and it makes a better world.Also, I know that
the fact that things have a cost, or the fact of winning money is not a bad
thing in itself. We need it to live and paying somone for their job is also
helping them.

So where are the limits, how can you know what to sell, at what price, and
what never to sell.

- Florencia
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