[hackerspaces] membres hogging space and a lot of tables

Bill Shaw bill at funwithbots.com
Thu Nov 6 23:18:28 CET 2014

We're always looking for a ready source of material for the new laser
cutter. ;)

We offer supporting members a pallet sized space in the warehouse. Anyone
can rent a bin for $5/month. We give special dispensation for members
working on big projects but they must be kept mobile and stored overnight
in the warehouse. The only real exception is when a group is working late
and coming back the next morning.

Stray projects get boxed up and shelved in the warehouse. No on has yet
hacked our storage policy to the detriment of others but we need to
regularly nag people to clean up the woodshop after they use it. That's
never fun.

Tampa Hackerspace

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> They're also great for long-lasting campfires!
> - skroo.
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