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     If you are passing by Mojave, CA, come by Mojave Makers (
www.mojavemakers.org).  We do several space projects and maker education as
we are located close to the Mojave Air & Spaceport and education as we are
colocated with the local Mojave High School.

            - Ethan/spacefelix

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> MakeICT recently received a small amount of grant money to create a
> business plan and develop our makerspace.
> I'd like to send a couple of our board members to a couple of different
> places so that we can see firsthand what your space is like. Floor plans
> are great, but the atmosphere has to be experienced.
> We've lurked many of your websites/wiki's and have already learned so much
> from this community.?
> ? We've even modeled different aspects of our organization after some of
> your examples.
> There are a couple of places ?
> ?that we have in mind for visiting already, but I thought I'd post here
> first to see who might be willing to host a couple of us some time.?
> ?
> So, who's up for a visit??
> *Dominic Canare*
> President, MakeICT
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