[hackerspaces] A Rocket Flight Opportunity For Code - Project Prometheus of Masten Space Systems

Ethan Chew spacefelix at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 06:51:12 CEST 2014


      From Masten Space Systems in Mojave, CA (http://masten.aero/), an
opportunity to fly code on a vertical takeoff and landing rocket (such as
Xombie: http://youtu.be/A5b9LnzjGgU) on Project Prometheus:


      In summary; there is a Raspberry Pi on board that is connected to a
sensor suite.  Send Masten some code you want to run during a flight that
processes inputs from the sensors during the flight.  The project is for
the rapid, streamlined development of tools relating to; visual navigation,
landing detection, mass estimation and position/attitude estimation.  You
can reach them at prometheus at masten.aero with input and questions about the


the Masten Team has also been thinking about ways we could engage the
>> broader community and increase accessibility to our VTVL vehicles. One of
>> the largest barriers to entry for any technology developer seeking to
>> conduct aerospace flight testing is access to a vehicle. Limited access to
>> an integrated GPS/IMU navigation system, flight-rated computing platforms,
>> and sensors present additional challenges to innovators. In the spirit of
>> broadening access to aerospace resources, we have had a project cooking in
>> the background called Prometheus.
>> Project Prometheus is a Masten program designed to foster the development
>> of flight-test ready technologies by innovators in academic and research
>> settings. By implementing a standardized interface between Masten vehicles
>> and experimental software and hardware tools, Prometheus will provide a
>> streamlined, efficient path for technology maturation throughout the course
>> of tool conception, development and flight test. Access to uniform,
>> flight-tested hardware and software development framework for innovators
>> will ultimately reduce integration, development and other flight test costs.

                 - Ethan/spacefelix
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