[hackerspaces] Does the maker culture get the step on the hackers culture?

Mark Janssen dreamingforward at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 20:06:03 CEST 2014

On 7/4/14, Volatile Compound <volatilecompound at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 7/3/14, 8:46 PM, Mark Janssen wrote:
>> Sorry they're
>> all self-authored, but it seems that no one else has done the analysis
>> and because other resources you probably already know of:
>> I'm hate to say it, but no one has analyzed this shit deeper than I
>> have.  I hope you'll read it, because I get depressed that no one can
>> tell shit from shinola and Good from Evil.
> Pardon me while I do that incredibly sterotypically hackerish thing that
> we're all apparently meant to do by whatever measures all hackers should
> conform to (while being total nonconformists and all), but:
> The fuck?
> Seriously - who the hell (other than yourself) decided that you are the
> ne plus ultra authority on all that ails America?

Replying off list, but if the list wants to be in the conversation, say so.


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