[hackerspaces] Let's end the unnecessary joining of the words "food" and "hacking"

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So effectively what you've described is not hacking. Why do you need people to fund your ability to fly to places by the way?

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HI to all,Well it seems to me that Denisa and several others did the food hacking topic justice so just few things to add from me.
To say it simple if
 you get hackers involved in some field they will sooner or later hack, sooner based on my experience. 

Food and drinks are our (human) primary sources of energy, many hackers are quite distant from their "optimal" usage, bringing therefore food and drink related activities in to the scene will help enormously, especially on the health side. One does not have to call food hacking what is happening in the hackerspaces on these occasions all the time, but if you do it is fine I think, hackers are being involved and they
 always come with some small changes and things like laser printing their freshly fermented tempeh etc.
On my side I work with the ferments and for example the idea of providing people with probiotic and prebiotic drinks/foods which are as high in the amount of bacteria and yeast as possible (variety vise) and which is good for the health (as the current academy based research is starting to show) is notion which was ignored by mass media etc. for long time, and which I'm sure is much more healthy option than few strains of probiotic microbes in a
 commercially available pills from larger corporation. I offer kefir, kombucha and many others which has over 10 to 30 probiotic microbes each. I have a simple theory that these many microbes have different temperature optima so growing/brewing them with temperature oscillating is important for keeping their diversity high, which is again important for the well being of the culture - you can check the biofilm research on the topic as background data, very fascinating. I'm therefore promoting and introducing different style of brewing and fermenting compared to the main stream industrial system fallowing the more natural I would say "slow food" principles. Many places around the world are doing the same with minimal amount of technology, I'm trying to bring the technology in the game making the process more efficient, easy and fun. I'm looking forward to do in the future more research/hacking on the subject checking the variety of the microbes, how the
 numbers/dominance change with time depending on the technology used etc. We are building experimental incubator, device which will allow for a simple temperature control to start, oscillating temperature feature is very important so we can also test what I've mentioned above . It is done within international group in variety of hackerspaces, it definitely sounds hacking to me. Recently I grew kombucha mothers (SCOBY's) (probiotic culture), harvested them, dried them and now I'm looking forward to laser cut them and imprint them as Food Hacking Base batches giving them away, still with the feature that if you add it to the growing media, new healthy kombucha mother will be recreated - again checking the amount and types of species will be very interesting. For next 31C3 I hope to grow at least parts of our aprons from the same material, which I think is a cool idea and definitely hacking - I wish I can make them glow but well lets go step by
All above can be called science, cooking, brewing, socializing but also in many of the cases hacking, food&beverage and bio hacking.

Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck

biotechnologist&kvasir and hacker


"There is no way to peace, peace is the way." Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
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